Chair of Monetary Economics and International Finance

Arrival by public transport

From Hamburg Airport:
We recommend the Kielius (Shuttle Bus-Transport), which departs every hour from HH-Airport to the Kiel Central Station. With Kombi-Ticket (available in the bus) the driver of the Kielius will call a taxi which will then wait for you at the Kiel Central Station to bring you to your wished destination.
 Kielius timetable                                                                                                                                                              Unfortunately the timetable is available in German only, don’t hesitate to ask in case you have any questions concerning the transport.
From the central station:
Bus 50 (direction: Botanischer Garten)
Bus 61 (direction: Suchsdorf, Rungholtplatz)
Bus 62 (direction: Projensdorf, Woltersweg)
Bus 81 (direction: Botanischer Garten)
Bus 91 (direction: Friedrichsort, Falckensteiner Str.)
closest stations: Leibnizstraße or Universitätsbibliothek
You can find the  campus plan on the following webpage.