Chair of Monetary Economics and International Finance


Am I admitted to write the exam?

Registration requirements for exams are stated in your individual course of study examination regulations. The registrar's office of our faculty offers these regulations on its homepage (s.b.)


How can I register for an exam?
BA/MA students

register via HIS-QIS. Deadlines are binding. Late registrations won't be accepted. The registrar's office of our faculty announces all deadlines on its homepage. Deadlines may end several weeks before exams take place.


Diploma/Magister students

register via the registrar's office. Same deadlines as for BA/MA students are valid. Late registrations won't be accepted. The registrar's office of our faculty announces all deadlines on its homepage. Deadlines may end several weeks before exams take place.


PhD students

register directly via the Doctoral Program. Please respect announced registration terms of this program.


How can I register for a retry exam?

Please use HIS-QIS for registration. Again, consider deadlines.

Beginning in winter term 11/12 also diploma-studens who haven't participated in the first exam are allowed to register for the second try.


Where can I find results?

Results will be announced via HIS-QIS shortly after marking. Diploma students receive their results upon request in the secretariat. PhD students receive their results via the Doctoral Program.


Is there any inspection-time for exams?

We allow inspection up to six weeks after announcement of grades. Please have a look under "News", if there is a single appointment for an exam review. If not, please contact the secretariat (consider the office hours).


For which areas can my exam be credited?

Please use our link "teaching offer" for further information. You may find a table of courses and credits there. Since this comes as a service of our chair we are not liable for any mistakes in this table. In any case the information in the examination regulation is binding.


Only for diploma-students: Where can I get certificates?

You can collect your certificate at our secretary's office. Please bring your student-ID. In case you authorize someone to collect your certificates, please sign a authorization sheet and add a copy of your personal ID.

In urgent cases you can also pick up certificates at our research assistants' office hours. Our student researchers are not allowed to hand over certificates.


How to register for seminars?

Please use the link 'Seminar Registration' and follow the instruction.


Why to choose a course of study to register for seminars/midterms?

You are only allowed to register for an exam if the course is eligible for your course of studies. However, not all offered courses are allowed to take all exams. Therefore, please make sure, (via module description or examination regulations) that you are permitted to take your specifically chosen exam.


Why is there no acceptance/denial information before seminar pre-meeting?
Deadlines for seminar registration usually end with pre-meeting (see Univis). During the pre- meeting registrations are still allowed. Therefore, decisions of acceptance/denials in case of too many applications can't be given until the end of the pre-meeting. Usual criteria of admission will decide on acceptance/denial. Early statements for topic preferences will, however, be taken into account during assignment process. Therefore, fast registration is recommended.
Directly after pre-meetings, lists of all accepted participants including assigned topics will be announced on our homepage and online- registration is not possible anymore.

Experiences over the last couple of years showed that there are usually less students than places offered.


I cannot come to the pre-meeting but I have already registered. Am I accepted anyhow?

Yes, you are! In case you are not able to participate in the pre-meeting, please write an email to the secretary to confirm your interest in seminar participation.


How can I unsubscribe from seminars?

Please unsubscribe as early as you know that you will not participate in the seminar. However, deregistration is possible until the day of pre-meeting. Please send your deregistration to your tutor and the office. For all students deadlines are obligatory. Later requests for disregistration can't be considered and will be noted with 5,0 in HIS-QIS.


How can I register for a midterm-exam?

Please use the link "Seminar/Midterm-registration" for detailed information about midterm-exams and registration requirements. We cannot provide any midterm exams at that time.


What do I have to take in account when registering for midterm-exams?

Take care of deadlines. They will be announced early in Univis. Deadlines are obligatory for all students (Diploma, MA/BA). Late registrations won't be accepted.BA/MA-students are obliged to register via HIS-QIS during valid deadlines for main exams.


How can I unsubscribe from midterm-exams?
Deadlines for deregistration will be announced in Univis. Deadlines are obligatory for all students (Diploma, MA/BA). Late deregistration won't be accepted. According to registrar's office deregistration is possible latest 8 days before midterm. To unsubscribe from exams please send an email to: null. Deregistration will be confirmed via email.